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Sennheiser MM450 Bluetooth Headphone - User's Product Review

My experience with the Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphone MM450 Travel
BPMSG : Thank for your interest in my video and your comment. Maybe you cen get the MM450 via internet purchase
2mnyshp : exactly! low frequencies get cut too and everything sounds a bit too hollow for my taste with noise cancelation on (kick in an EQ for counter measurements). that's why i usually listen to music without noisegard on.
BPMSG : @Massimo: Thanks for your positive feedback! Glad to hear that my video was helpful to you :)
@Mika260495: PXC310BT cannot be used as a handsfree headset to take phone calls
Mark Damgaard : Thank you for a great review:) does anyone know if the mm 400 has the same funktions ? and will it work with skype on a Mac computer ( iMac ) for instance ?
Andy : Thank you for your review ... very useful ...

MM450 2013 Chad Reed RC Dirt Bike

Having some fun with the MM450.
Jesus Landaeta : JUFO
Dheimisom e banda Aquiar : chama no grau com ela
mael Rosamond : ?? ????????????
André Luiz : Using E-giro ??? 2s or 3s battery ???
Muito bike in 2S ia Very Very slow
Laxmaiah Pillodi : super bro

Sennheiser MM 450 Travel & WOWee One - Head-Fi TV, Episode 007

In this episode, we review the Sennheiser MM 450 Travel and the WOWee One.
headfi : @phaedrus789 Your comment serves as an excellent MM 450 use case mini-review! Thank you for the opinion on its use while hiking, where cables could certainly be a pain.
kornofilo : @headfi how do you compare the mm450 with the nokia BH-905i ? can somebody tell me?
Coffeeandasliceolife : Ive been toying with either the 450 or the 550. Price difference is huge in my opinion.
Juan Pablo Ospina : Can I use a different cable that has a mic? Would it works?
samanimeguy23 : Groovie sound demo!!




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