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Deckel Lesson 2 Overview of Grinder

One of 10 complete set-up and operating instructions for the Deckel SO Cutter Grinder.
David Henderson : Thank you for taking the time to make these videos!!!
Mr Carpathian : Exactly the series of videos I have been looking for. Thank you for providing them.
Nicholas Minnaar : Manny thanks Tool & Die Guy For these super informative Videos just what ive been searching the interweb for from a Rotary Engraving Firm in South Africa pure Gold :)

GHA Milling Machine Restoration (Deckel FP1 Clone)

GHA Milling Machine Restoration

This is a George H Alexander mill, a Deckel FP1 clone, and is my first proper machine restoration.

I picked it up cheap, and the machine had been sitting untouched for over 5 years
Everything was stiff and hard to operate. I wanted to see if I could make it work again.
I was really unsure as to how for I was going to go, I wasn't planning on painted, but I did in the end.

There are areas that need revisiting (slotting head, x axis scoring, powerfeeds) but it all functions well for now.

In total this video took 23.5 hours of editing over 3 months. Typically in 1 hour blocks.

I have a patreon account if you wish to help support the channel. Through this you can get early access and more

0:00 Intro
0:37 Angle plate rust removal
2:07 Band sawing a spanner
2:41 Y axis
3:44 Handwheels
4:34 Handwheel clearance
5:12 Slotting head
7:09 Table
8:10 X axis
9:25 Z axis
10:30 Cutting new oil grooves
11:33 Column clean up
12:27 Coolant Tank
13:14 Stripping Paint
13:38 Paint
14:12 Masking Strip and reassembly
14:53 Accent
15:20 Final reveal

Music Credit:
Firebrand by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
Shaun Penford : Lovely mill, used to use one at the factory where it was made Precision Grinding Mitcham
Fast Eddie : Very nice restoration! I had never heard of this manufacturer. This model has a very appealing footprint. You chose a very inventive color scheme. Nicely done. How is the power? Thanks for sharing this.
mpetersen6 : About 16 years ago I thought I had a FP-1 clone built in Yugoslavia on e ay all wrapped up. Got sniped at the last second.
The old use the band saw blade as a band filer. Been there, done that got the tee shirt.
Shane Smith : I'd be a little gutted about the auto feeds but aside from that you have the mill I want next. I love my adcock and shipley 1es with bridgeport head but the travel is so limited it's like 13x6" x and y. Nice blue btw
Petey Bones : 13:58 I thought you said you gave your uncle a coat, for extra protection. Excellent resto, mate!!

Deckel KF12

A couple of months ago I bought a Deckel KF12, a 3D copying mill. At the moment I keep it in Lauritz' shop since I'm running out of shop space and he will need it for some upcoming gunsmithing projects. Here we show our first attempt at making a part with it. We're probably not doing everything right... honestly, we're still trying to figure out how to use the machine properly. However, we decided to make a video anyway, to give you a glimpse of the machine.
harpmason1 : Thanx.
Arnljot Seem : Interesting machine, but not one for my workshop. Good and interesting video
Stacy Simon : I just found your Channel Sir. Excellent work!
Wayne D : Dinosaurs of the past. I worked for a company back in the late 70's to early 80's that had 4 of these and 4 smaller KF21s. We used them to make aerospace molds. They were at the time really nice machines but have been replaced by CNC machines today, thankfully. Someone here mentioned that the finish was better than a CNC. Not even close. Those machines produced a terrible finish by today's standards. We make molds today on CNC's that require almost no polishing. Those machines where a real pain to use, literally. You had to stand up close while the hot chips went in your face and down your shirt. I have scars on my forearms to prove it. Now you make models in the computer, away from the machines. One guy now does the work of 4 toolmakers who used the Deckels and does it faster with more accuracy.
john barrett : manic4u2 is correct you can see it working in the correct way on my channel. I can only imagine breaking a lot of tools running freehand. have upgraded to cnc since then. . nice old machine .




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